Ask me why I did not make it to church

Ask me if everything is alright

Tell me how awesome service was

Tell me how powerful the word was

Share with me the word

And share with me what you learnt

Encourage me to make it the next time

Try visiting me

Be interested in my wellbeing

This is what Christians must do

Don’t tell me the latest dress someone wore

Don’t tell me who held hands with a lady to pray at the altar

Don’t tell me how badly or beautifully someone danced

Don’t tell me who’s got the latest hairstyle; crazy or nice

Don’t tell me who stood in a group and spoke ill about an issue you know nothing about

Don’t tell me any sweet nonsense

I want no part of it

Where are the Christians who will inspire me and lead me back to my first love?



The Act Of Giving….

As I sat in a car on the 21st of September 2015, I witnessed an act that got me thinking throughout the day and even inspired me to write this piece. At the 37 military hospital in Accra, where there was a hold up, a Honda four-wheel drive also slowed down to a break beside the vehicle I was in. There, I noticed a beggar approaching the driver of the Honda. The driver quickly rolled down his glass and gave money to the beggar out of anticipation as he got closer to him. This act really caught my attention and all I asked myself was would I have given out willingly to that beggar being in the shoes of that driver? Would I have given out freely without hesitation to the beggar regardless of his position? This is a question to all of us. I bet my glass would have been quickly rolled up, spotting the beggar coming towards me. Some would look away and even go to the extent of sacking or insulting the beggar. We are always waiting to receive but not ready to give. Sometimes, until we are asked, we never will, on our accord give out to people. Even if we do, we expect to get something in return. When was the last time you received something for free? If your answer is no, then please check your attitude towards giving. There might be loopholes in it. The kind of giving, expecting to receive carries no blessing. We keep asking God for many things yet, we do not remember when we gave Him our worship, praise and just five minutes of our time. I think giving; be it money, assistance and service just to mention a few, surpasses all things. It is out of giving that you receive uncommon blessings and miracles. It isn’t easy in this day and time, to support people financially but if you can help it, please give anyway. Give without expecting anything in return. Give when the need arises without being asked or give, just for the beauty of it. Give selflessly. Give freely. Give positively. Give truly, and give beautifully to God and the people who are in need around you. Remember, the act of giving is not about the persons you give to, but the manner and intention with which you give and that’s what really counts. God bless you even as you heed to this advice!!!

Where Can True Happiness Be Found?

I grew up in a Christian home. I thought I was saved just by that. All I did was to follow my parents to church on Sundays and to other Christian fellowships. I did not know the importance of a having a personal relationship with god. I thought I would go to heaven after passing on. After all, I was born into a Christian home. Growing up into my teens, I began to understand the ways of God. Bit by bit, I yearned for His presence. I was eager to know Him better. I got involved in activities in church and then again, I relaxed and thought it was enough. It would save me. Working in the house of God was just enough for me. I found happiness in the company of friends and felt it was all I needed. Tell me who wouldn’t love to be accepted by all and sundry? Among friends, I felt I belonged. I had everything moving smoothly till the reality of life dawned on me. I realized there were wolves in sheep’s clothing in the church. I also realized that, acceptance from friends, working in the house of God and coming from a Christian home, was just not enough. A personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, my salvation, my prayer, my praise, my worship, my constant study of the word and constant living according to the standards of Christ was the real deal. It was what I really needed, and what would save me. In these, I realized can true happiness be found. True happiness cannot be found in the company or acceptance of friends. The same who accepted Christ, were the same who crucified Him. But in Christ, you’re accepted once and for all, whether He is wronged or not. Being with friends, laughing and gossiping about people is not the deal at all. There might be a moment of happiness but it isn’t worthwhile just as I’ve learned. If that’s what you think gives true happiness, then am sorry, start looking elsewhere or rethink it. There is greater and better joy in the lord. It’s better to be alone, than to be part of evil company without knowing it. As you serve God, as you live according to His principles, as you keep on pleasing Him, the real ‘sheep among sheep’ (right friends) will be drawn towards and you’ll get all the support you need. Whether you’re mocked at, laughed at or ridiculed, know that Christ is the ultimate. He is the rewarder of all things. Stand firm; let nothing move you and it is my prayer that you find true happiness in Christ Jesus. Amen and stay blessed!!!


Sometimes, we are not patient enough to go through the challenges that we experience in our Christian life. These may be trials given to us by God, to find out if He can trust us with His blessings. He has a perfect plan for us but since we do not know it, we allow our emotions and what people say about us affect us so much; we end up missing these precious blessings. We go back into the world and one mistake totally destroys us, even when we regret our actions. We go back to the church yet, some folks will forever hold on to what they know about us. A friend promises of keeping your secret but, you move from one place to the other, only to realize information has already leaked out. We feel dejected by our fellow Christians. That atmosphere of love is lost in the house of God. Well, do not worry. Tell your problems to God and stay put. He has a beautiful plan for you. Will you hold on fast and pray? Forget all the hurt and let yourself loose! It’s not easy I know, but you have to try. Get all the negativity out of your system! It’s poisonous and detrimental to your spiritual health. Do what God wants you to do! I wonder what happened to the saying: “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. Put yourself together. Bit by bit, you’ll get to the top. Learn lessons and apply them so you don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Go back to church and work. Remember, the Lord will honor you where you were disgraced. You have a story to tell dear friend, trust me. Don’t be too hard on yourself. He still loves and wants you back. Don’t disappoint Him. God bless you all!!!

Why Must We Ask before it’s Done?

ask-the-right-questionsEver wondered why we must first ask God for our needs to be fulfilled before He answers? Why can’t He just answer unless we ask Him? After all, He has the power to make things happen without having us open our mouths to ask. John Wesley made a statement that, “it seems God is limited by our prayer life – that He can do nothing for humanity unless someone asks Him”. But why is this so? One may ask. Let’s try answering that.

We are made to understand that, God is in control over everything in the universe, (which He indeed is), but He is not. If God, our ever loving Father really has things under control, then He has got things in pretty bad shape. People are dying because of wars. Strange diseases are plaguing nations, there is corruption everywhere, economies have hardened up, homosexuality is now legal and there is pain and suffering in the world. Can we then say that, God is really running or controlling all these things? A loving and caring father as He is? Your answer is as good as mine. A big no! 2 Peter 3:9 even confirms that our God wishes that we all come to repentance and not perish. He is not a wicked God. When God created the earth, He gave power, authority and dominion to Adam, the first man He created (Gen 1:26, 27, Ps 8:6). All power was given to man till he was deceived by the serpent (devil) to give out this great position to him. Man disobeyed, changed the beautiful plan God had for him, gave the devil the ultimate power, and made him ruler of the earth (2Corin. 4:4).  Note that, when God gave dominion to man, He didn’t say, He will rule through man. He gave out solely to man for keeps till the devil came in and ruined everything. God moved away from man due to sin. God doesn’t live here on earth but the devil does.  (Thank God though, for His great love that enables us reunites with Him). So until the power Adam sold out to Satan runs out, (till the day of our Lord comes), God cannot take any action unless someone here on earth ask Him for He doesn’t rule here on earth, but in heaven.

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