Minister Danny Nettey , an insightful gospel music minister and worshiper, has passed on to join the Lord. We believe and say this based on the life he lived here on earth. Well, that is what we humans have observed and to us, he definitely will be in heaven. He has seen the end of his journey but what about us still alive? Especially those of us who have declared our stand for Christ and are even called music ministers, singers, worshipers “praisers” if there is a word like that and ministers of the Word. Off course it is easy to be the best singer and renowned pastor who has the Word at his fingertips, prays like “crazy” and casts out demons at a single command. To the world, we are really living for Christ and when we die, we are assured heaven…that is fine to say but does God see it that way? Does God feel the same way about us? Does He even know us and do we know Him too personally? As a music minister and a preacher man, what do you do in secret? What hidden sin are you harboring? Do you really worship and pray, and praise, and study the Word in the solitary of your room? Do you have a secret place where you wrestle against principalities and exercise your salvation each day? Can God vouch for you privately as you do Him publicly? It is not enough to perform wonders and lead people beautifully in worship when behind the scenes, our hearts are as black as coal, when we are comfortable with fornication and call it passion, when we flirt, when we are unforgiving and practice all manner of sins and are perfectly sound with it. Yet, we claim we are the chosen generation called forth to show His excellence. Which excellence are we talking about?! The excellence to live in sin comfortably, get back onto the pulpit and minister to people? God have mercy on us all. The end is really near and if the church; the body of Christ is still not prepared, then I wonder what would happen on the Day of Judgment. I pray that the Lord grants us the grace to break free from the power of sin, to continually renew our salvation and live for Him only as the sons and daughters of God. The beautiful aspect of all this is that, if we are willing, with a repentant heart, our Lord is just ready to forgive us and accept us back into His fold. This goes out not only to the music ministers and preacher men but to everyone who believes in our Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s not get comfortable with sin so we can truly make heaven as people would say, when we die! Be blessed!


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