Be Thankful For the Little Things…

It is amazing how inspiration comes to us from the very unlikely sources. I am not fond of movies but I was blessed with the opportunity of watching a series titled “ Jenifa’s Diary” written by one of Nigeria’s finest actress Funke Akindele, in partnership with Iroko Tv and oh! How hilarious and full of lessons…. I must say, I thank God for being in school on that fateful day, for a friend who was watching this movie at that time, and another mate who recommended it to me. Yes this is not the time to narrate the scenes as they happened but one sure thing that caught my attention and that has led me to write this piece after a long break now is the act of being thankful for the things that seem little and that are considered to be automatic. The short of it is; in one of the scenes, a pretty lady who was rich and had life going smoothly for her, was being maltreated by her boyfriend. It got so bad that, she almost always had to explain where she was at a particular point in time and dared not waste her man’s time or face severe beatings that usually ended up in a swollen eye. The scene ended admonishing viewers to “say no to domestic violence” and right there in my room in front of my screen, I noticed how ungrateful I had been to God, for not thanking Him that I hadn’t found myself in any such a situation. I realized that, it wasn’t automatic to find yourself in a home where no man has ever raised even a finger on you. Then it all came in a sequential order; that it wasn’t also automatic that we wake up each and every day so safe and sound, travel over both long and short distances and return home safely, sit in commercial buses; doze or sleep off, wake up and alight at our destination with our bags, monies, and all items intact; we sit again in commercial buses without the vehicle being full of evil people who could harm us, eat and crush bones the whole time but not a piece chokes us and even if we do, we sort it out and are whole again, we do terrible things; both imaginative and physical but God in His infinite mercy forgives us and a host of other things I could go on and on and on about. Let us please learn to be thankful for these things in that, although small can bring us big blessings. Remember that big things come in small packages. It even is breathtaking how this huge inspiration came from such a small part of a movie scene! I end with this; if we are not appreciative of the small things, how can we be thankful when the big blessings come our way? Something to think about! Do enjoy and keep being thankful….I’m out!


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