Mr. Man, a woman is not the first “thing” you need to make it in life. Mrs. Woman, you also stay where you are and stop believing that without you in a man’s life, he cannot live and achieve the things he wants in life. “Eden” as used in the Bible, is quite complicated according to Dr. Myles Munroe; he defines it as an ‘atmosphere, an opening, or the presence of God’. This was when man was created and placed in the garden of His presence (Eden). There, man was instructed to work, to cultivate, to protect and to abide by the Word of God. After these were done, man was put into a deep sleep and a woman was created out of Him. The woman was created, to be a help mate unto the man. Note that, the woman met the man, already in the presence of God, who could already work, cultivate, protect and was living according to the Word of God. He had things going on for him before the woman came along. This clearly confirms my earlier statement that, a man does not need a woman first to achieve his goals and a woman also needs to first meet the man, in the presence of God. The notion that a woman has to go out there, look for a man before bringing him into the presence of God and change him is totally wrong. That will only be disastrous. That’s how come the woman now suffers various forms of abuse from the man when she tries correcting him, for he feels he is the head of the house and not the woman. The strength that he must protect his wife with is now being used negatively, by beating her at the slightest provocation. As the man is already working, he can now cultivate or nurture his wife into the woman he wants her to be. You want your wife to look her best; take her shopping and buy the clothes for her. Oh her hair looks unkempt; take her to the salon. She’s got chapped skin; take her to a health spa for rejuvenation. That’s how it is done. Do not ignore her all day when you can do something about it. Isn’t that why you are working? You could not agree better with me right? That’s it! It will come from nowhere nor by magic but through the man’s own hands. That way, he would not go around snooping on other people’s wives that they have tried hard to build. When the man has the Word in him, he would now teach his wife to achieve the best in them but what we see nowadays is the women knowing more Word than the men. How pitiful! These steps when taken into careful consideration will help build strong and proper marriages God desires for us, and help cut down on the rate of divorce now rampant in the world.


2 thoughts on “YOU DON’T NEED A WIFE FIRST…

  1. Interesting issues raised but then again in an attempt to criticise the way men and women tend to go about their daily activities, you basically painted a notion that ALL men are endulging in the aforementioned acts but I beg to differ that some men go all out to see to it that their spouses have if not the best, at least to some degree some amount of comfortability. I agree with your opening statements though, hope the youth of today may align their thinking with it.


    1. i agree with you on the fact that some men go all out to seek the best for their wives but the question is, how many of these men do we have? i am sure these are men who were already in ‘His presence’ before finding the women they are with now…i stand to be corrected though


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