Let’s face it! It’s amazing how people always want to be treated like eggs, defying the realities of life and handling them so emotionally and sweetly, forgetting that, sometimes we need to be chastised to keep us on our toes. Try being real with a person and you’ll be disliked, with a few really loving and accepting you for who you are. Still on the issue of eggs, in real life, eggs are susceptible to breakage by the slightest mishandling but after intense heating, that is boiling, eggs become hardened up. It’s the same as humans. A little correction here and there, will harden us up for the task ahead. We would be better people, who are strong and courageous in the face of challenges but with a soft heart within; just like the yolk within its albumen (egg white). Let’s brave up, stop expecting people to be nice and sweet to us always, and take some harsh realities from them. Trust me, it works.


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