Be Watchful…

Be watchful of the words you say to people for it could break them. Not everyone is as strong as you are to contain certain words. It could affect them psychologically and never go away. When care is not taken, they could get back at you when you least expect it. Try to be soft spoken to people; it doesn’t make you weak but wise because you understand how important people are. Remember that, there was a time when you didn’t know what you know today so in correcting people, do it with love, compassion and a little patience. Also know that, knowledge is not embedded in one person’s head. A child of six or even less could speak some words of wisdom to you which surely and obviously will come from God. Know also that, even though a child may not be able to see and know the issues of life standing on top of a mountain comparing to an adult who would know sitting down, God can give you wise counsels through that young pastor you so much disrespect and dislike and it could save you. Just listen and be a little more patient. Don’t undermine people else, you’ll regret it and cannot even get close to them later in life when they surpass you. Let us therefore be watchful because life is so full of surprises. The next minute you could be on top of the world and the next, you could be down below and will need people to support you. Just be watchful.



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