The Act Of Giving….

As I sat in a car on the 21st of September 2015, I witnessed an act that got me thinking throughout the day and even inspired me to write this piece. At the 37 military hospital in Accra, where there was a hold up, a Honda four-wheel drive also slowed down to a break beside the vehicle I was in. There, I noticed a beggar approaching the driver of the Honda. The driver quickly rolled down his glass and gave money to the beggar out of anticipation as he got closer to him. This act really caught my attention and all I asked myself was would I have given out willingly to that beggar being in the shoes of that driver? Would I have given out freely without hesitation to the beggar regardless of his position? This is a question to all of us. I bet my glass would have been quickly rolled up, spotting the beggar coming towards me. Some would look away and even go to the extent of sacking or insulting the beggar. We are always waiting to receive but not ready to give. Sometimes, until we are asked, we never will, on our accord give out to people. Even if we do, we expect to get something in return. When was the last time you received something for free? If your answer is no, then please check your attitude towards giving. There might be loopholes in it. The kind of giving, expecting to receive carries no blessing. We keep asking God for many things yet, we do not remember when we gave Him our worship, praise and just five minutes of our time. I think giving; be it money, assistance and service just to mention a few, surpasses all things. It is out of giving that you receive uncommon blessings and miracles. It isn’t easy in this day and time, to support people financially but if you can help it, please give anyway. Give without expecting anything in return. Give when the need arises without being asked or give, just for the beauty of it. Give selflessly. Give freely. Give positively. Give truly, and give beautifully to God and the people who are in need around you. Remember, the act of giving is not about the persons you give to, but the manner and intention with which you give and that’s what really counts. God bless you even as you heed to this advice!!!


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