Where Can True Happiness Be Found?

I grew up in a Christian home. I thought I was saved just by that. All I did was to follow my parents to church on Sundays and to other Christian fellowships. I did not know the importance of a having a personal relationship with god. I thought I would go to heaven after passing on. After all, I was born into a Christian home. Growing up into my teens, I began to understand the ways of God. Bit by bit, I yearned for His presence. I was eager to know Him better. I got involved in activities in church and then again, I relaxed and thought it was enough. It would save me. Working in the house of God was just enough for me. I found happiness in the company of friends and felt it was all I needed. Tell me who wouldn’t love to be accepted by all and sundry? Among friends, I felt I belonged. I had everything moving smoothly till the reality of life dawned on me. I realized there were wolves in sheep’s clothing in the church. I also realized that, acceptance from friends, working in the house of God and coming from a Christian home, was just not enough. A personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, my salvation, my prayer, my praise, my worship, my constant study of the word and constant living according to the standards of Christ was the real deal. It was what I really needed, and what would save me. In these, I realized can true happiness be found. True happiness cannot be found in the company or acceptance of friends. The same who accepted Christ, were the same who crucified Him. But in Christ, you’re accepted once and for all, whether He is wronged or not. Being with friends, laughing and gossiping about people is not the deal at all. There might be a moment of happiness but it isn’t worthwhile just as I’ve learned. If that’s what you think gives true happiness, then am sorry, start looking elsewhere or rethink it. There is greater and better joy in the lord. It’s better to be alone, than to be part of evil company without knowing it. As you serve God, as you live according to His principles, as you keep on pleasing Him, the real ‘sheep among sheep’ (right friends) will be drawn towards and you’ll get all the support you need. Whether you’re mocked at, laughed at or ridiculed, know that Christ is the ultimate. He is the rewarder of all things. Stand firm; let nothing move you and it is my prayer that you find true happiness in Christ Jesus. Amen and stay blessed!!!


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