Sometimes, we are not patient enough to go through the challenges that we experience in our Christian life. These may be trials given to us by God, to find out if He can trust us with His blessings. He has a perfect plan for us but since we do not know it, we allow our emotions and what people say about us affect us so much; we end up missing these precious blessings. We go back into the world and one mistake totally destroys us, even when we regret our actions. We go back to the church yet, some folks will forever hold on to what they know about us. A friend promises of keeping your secret but, you move from one place to the other, only to realize information has already leaked out. We feel dejected by our fellow Christians. That atmosphere of love is lost in the house of God. Well, do not worry. Tell your problems to God and stay put. He has a beautiful plan for you. Will you hold on fast and pray? Forget all the hurt and let yourself loose! It’s not easy I know, but you have to try. Get all the negativity out of your system! It’s poisonous and detrimental to your spiritual health. Do what God wants you to do! I wonder what happened to the saying: “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. Put yourself together. Bit by bit, you’ll get to the top. Learn lessons and apply them so you don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Go back to church and work. Remember, the Lord will honor you where you were disgraced. You have a story to tell dear friend, trust me. Don’t be too hard on yourself. He still loves and wants you back. Don’t disappoint Him. God bless you all!!!


4 thoughts on “HE STILL LOVES…

  1. God bless you for such an awesome article… he still loves indeed… #GodCan… waiting for more… Great inspiration…


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