Why Must We Ask before it’s Done?

ask-the-right-questionsEver wondered why we must first ask God for our needs to be fulfilled before He answers? Why can’t He just answer unless we ask Him? After all, He has the power to make things happen without having us open our mouths to ask. John Wesley made a statement that, “it seems God is limited by our prayer life – that He can do nothing for humanity unless someone asks Him”. But why is this so? One may ask. Let’s try answering that.

We are made to understand that, God is in control over everything in the universe, (which He indeed is), but He is not. If God, our ever loving Father really has things under control, then He has got things in pretty bad shape. People are dying because of wars. Strange diseases are plaguing nations, there is corruption everywhere, economies have hardened up, homosexuality is now legal and there is pain and suffering in the world. Can we then say that, God is really running or controlling all these things? A loving and caring father as He is? Your answer is as good as mine. A big no! 2 Peter 3:9 even confirms that our God wishes that we all come to repentance and not perish. He is not a wicked God. When God created the earth, He gave power, authority and dominion to Adam, the first man He created (Gen 1:26, 27, Ps 8:6). All power was given to man till he was deceived by the serpent (devil) to give out this great position to him. Man disobeyed, changed the beautiful plan God had for him, gave the devil the ultimate power, and made him ruler of the earth (2Corin. 4:4).  Note that, when God gave dominion to man, He didn’t say, He will rule through man. He gave out solely to man for keeps till the devil came in and ruined everything. God moved away from man due to sin. God doesn’t live here on earth but the devil does.  (Thank God though, for His great love that enables us reunites with Him). So until the power Adam sold out to Satan runs out, (till the day of our Lord comes), God cannot take any action unless someone here on earth ask Him for He doesn’t rule here on earth, but in heaven.

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5 thoughts on “Why Must We Ask before it’s Done?

  1. Thanks very much dear. God’s word makes us to understand clearly that whatever we ask and seek we shall have and find. (Mathew 7:7-8). Its only when a believer seeks to get closer to God that’s when he will truly understand to works of God.
    I hardly see a baby being breastfed without prior signals been made by the baby to the mum like crying. Once the baby starts to cry the first action the mum does is to breastfeed the child.
    I think God works in such way. When we cry to Him that’s when our request will be granted.
    Its about time we ho closer to our maker, seek His guidance and that our ways and steps will be fruitful.
    God bless you, Sesinam.

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