Heaven’s Degree

As I washed my dirty plates one Saturday morning, a thought struck me as to where I would spend eternity and how I would answer to God after I pass on from this earth. I actually could not answer because I realized my whole life was based on education and gaining degrees upon degrees, working, making money and being comfortable in life. I didn’t think about my God ordained assignment and how I was going to carry it out and be answerable to God one day. Then I asked myself, that after achieving these feats, what else? Will God demand from me the number of degrees I made on earth and height I attend in my education? Was that the specification God gave mankind to enable us enter into heaven? Then I realized that many of us are just like me. All we think about is school, our jobs, money and our comfort here on earth but we care less about the treasures we are laying up in heaven and the account we are going to give to our maker, one day when this body no longer responds to any call. This has gone to the extent that, even in our society, people who have a good educational background look down on those who do not have; treating them like nonentities and disregarding them as if heaven needs our degrees to make us partakers of the glorious reign of Christ Jesus. I’m sorry but if this is our thought, then we would have to reconsider a few things. Now I am not saying these things are not good in themselves; of course they are and that is the dispensation we’re in now but that should not be our ultimate. Let us think about where we will spend eternity and the account we will be giving to God should we one day die. What answer will we give God when He asks us to brief him on how we served and pulled people into His fold? Sure we may have our first, second and doctorate degrees but how many people have we genuinely loved as God loved us? It is not by works that we are saved but by the faith that we have in our Lord Jesus Christ and to this, the Bible attests in several chapters, especially in Ephesians 2: 8-9 (King James Version). It says, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast”. Now that is the degree that will qualify us to heaven one day. Of course we can raise a whole building for charity, feed people and clothe them, and do greater works, change our world with the wide knowledge we have acquired with our numerous degrees and certificates but without being saved, without grace through faith, it is a pity, we are not qualified. If it was indeed by works,  can we even imagine what the poor, the weak, the sick, among others would do. Nothing! We all certainly agree with this.  We must get to know God the way that works for us; each and every individual. In the words of Joyce Meyer, a Christian author and speaker, she says, “don’t think your relationship with God has to look like someone else’s”.  Let us serve Him the best way we can. Know Him the best way we can and the way He feels real to us; each and every individual.  Let us make him our ultimate and priority. Let us seek His face and in addition to our degrees, He will show us how to impact our generation with it; in a way that wins souls over to Him. So we may not find ourselves wanting on that great judgement day, I pray that the Holy Spirit of God convicts us and leads us in His glorious light to diligently serve Him in all wisdom and understanding in these things, in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.



Minister Danny Nettey , an insightful gospel music minister and worshiper, has passed on to join the Lord. We believe and say this based on the life he lived here on earth. Well, that is what we humans have observed and to us, he definitely will be in heaven. He has seen the end of his journey but what about us still alive? Especially those of us who have declared our stand for Christ and are even called music ministers, singers, worshipers “praisers” if there is a word like that and ministers of the Word. Off course it is easy to be the best singer and renowned pastor who has the Word at his fingertips, prays like “crazy” and casts out demons at a single command. To the world, we are really living for Christ and when we die, we are assured heaven…that is fine to say but does God see it that way? Does God feel the same way about us? Does He even know us and do we know Him too personally? As a music minister and a preacher man, what do you do in secret? What hidden sin are you harboring? Do you really worship and pray, and praise, and study the Word in the solitary of your room? Do you have a secret place where you wrestle against principalities and exercise your salvation each day? Can God vouch for you privately as you do Him publicly? It is not enough to perform wonders and lead people beautifully in worship when behind the scenes, our hearts are as black as coal, when we are comfortable with fornication and call it passion, when we flirt, when we are unforgiving and practice all manner of sins and are perfectly sound with it. Yet, we claim we are the chosen generation called forth to show His excellence. Which excellence are we talking about?! The excellence to live in sin comfortably, get back onto the pulpit and minister to people? God have mercy on us all. The end is really near and if the church; the body of Christ is still not prepared, then I wonder what would happen on the Day of Judgment. I pray that the Lord grants us the grace to break free from the power of sin, to continually renew our salvation and live for Him only as the sons and daughters of God. The beautiful aspect of all this is that, if we are willing, with a repentant heart, our Lord is just ready to forgive us and accept us back into His fold. This goes out not only to the music ministers and preacher men but to everyone who believes in our Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s not get comfortable with sin so we can truly make heaven as people would say, when we die! Be blessed!

Be Thankful For the Little Things…

It is amazing how inspiration comes to us from the very unlikely sources. I am not fond of movies but I was blessed with the opportunity of watching a series titled “ Jenifa’s Diary” written by one of Nigeria’s finest actress Funke Akindele, in partnership with Iroko Tv and oh! How hilarious and full of lessons…. I must say, I thank God for being in school on that fateful day, for a friend who was watching this movie at that time, and another mate who recommended it to me. Yes this is not the time to narrate the scenes as they happened but one sure thing that caught my attention and that has led me to write this piece after a long break now is the act of being thankful for the things that seem little and that are considered to be automatic. The short of it is; in one of the scenes, a pretty lady who was rich and had life going smoothly for her, was being maltreated by her boyfriend. It got so bad that, she almost always had to explain where she was at a particular point in time and dared not waste her man’s time or face severe beatings that usually ended up in a swollen eye. The scene ended admonishing viewers to “say no to domestic violence” and right there in my room in front of my screen, I noticed how ungrateful I had been to God, for not thanking Him that I hadn’t found myself in any such a situation. I realized that, it wasn’t automatic to find yourself in a home where no man has ever raised even a finger on you. Then it all came in a sequential order; that it wasn’t also automatic that we wake up each and every day so safe and sound, travel over both long and short distances and return home safely, sit in commercial buses; doze or sleep off, wake up and alight at our destination with our bags, monies, and all items intact; we sit again in commercial buses without the vehicle being full of evil people who could harm us, eat and crush bones the whole time but not a piece chokes us and even if we do, we sort it out and are whole again, we do terrible things; both imaginative and physical but God in His infinite mercy forgives us and a host of other things I could go on and on and on about. Let us please learn to be thankful for these things in that, although small can bring us big blessings. Remember that big things come in small packages. It even is breathtaking how this huge inspiration came from such a small part of a movie scene! I end with this; if we are not appreciative of the small things, how can we be thankful when the big blessings come our way? Something to think about! Do enjoy and keep being thankful….I’m out!


Mr. Man, a woman is not the first “thing” you need to make it in life. Mrs. Woman, you also stay where you are and stop believing that without you in a man’s life, he cannot live and achieve the things he wants in life. “Eden” as used in the Bible, is quite complicated according to Dr. Myles Munroe; he defines it as an ‘atmosphere, an opening, or the presence of God’. This was when man was created and placed in the garden of His presence (Eden). There, man was instructed to work, to cultivate, to protect and to abide by the Word of God. After these were done, man was put into a deep sleep and a woman was created out of Him. The woman was created, to be a help mate unto the man. Note that, the woman met the man, already in the presence of God, who could already work, cultivate, protect and was living according to the Word of God. He had things going on for him before the woman came along. This clearly confirms my earlier statement that, a man does not need a woman first to achieve his goals and a woman also needs to first meet the man, in the presence of God. The notion that a woman has to go out there, look for a man before bringing him into the presence of God and change him is totally wrong. That will only be disastrous. That’s how come the woman now suffers various forms of abuse from the man when she tries correcting him, for he feels he is the head of the house and not the woman. The strength that he must protect his wife with is now being used negatively, by beating her at the slightest provocation. As the man is already working, he can now cultivate or nurture his wife into the woman he wants her to be. You want your wife to look her best; take her shopping and buy the clothes for her. Oh her hair looks unkempt; take her to the salon. She’s got chapped skin; take her to a health spa for rejuvenation. That’s how it is done. Do not ignore her all day when you can do something about it. Isn’t that why you are working? You could not agree better with me right? That’s it! It will come from nowhere nor by magic but through the man’s own hands. That way, he would not go around snooping on other people’s wives that they have tried hard to build. When the man has the Word in him, he would now teach his wife to achieve the best in them but what we see nowadays is the women knowing more Word than the men. How pitiful! These steps when taken into careful consideration will help build strong and proper marriages God desires for us, and help cut down on the rate of divorce now rampant in the world.


Let’s face it! It’s amazing how people always want to be treated like eggs, defying the realities of life and handling them so emotionally and sweetly, forgetting that, sometimes we need to be chastised to keep us on our toes. Try being real with a person and you’ll be disliked, with a few really loving and accepting you for who you are. Still on the issue of eggs, in real life, eggs are susceptible to breakage by the slightest mishandling but after intense heating, that is boiling, eggs become hardened up. It’s the same as humans. A little correction here and there, will harden us up for the task ahead. We would be better people, who are strong and courageous in the face of challenges but with a soft heart within; just like the yolk within its albumen (egg white). Let’s brave up, stop expecting people to be nice and sweet to us always, and take some harsh realities from them. Trust me, it works.

A Piece of Advice

It isn’t everything that we can use force to achieve.

Yelling at everyone and expecting things to go our way.

Sometimes, great feats are achieved by just being calm and accepting things as they come.

Else, you’ll try putting someone in their place and loose in the end.

Everyone has got a temper but the one who manages and uses it wisely, wins at last.



Be Watchful…

Be watchful of the words you say to people for it could break them. Not everyone is as strong as you are to contain certain words. It could affect them psychologically and never go away. When care is not taken, they could get back at you when you least expect it. Try to be soft spoken to people; it doesn’t make you weak but wise because you understand how important people are. Remember that, there was a time when you didn’t know what you know today so in correcting people, do it with love, compassion and a little patience. Also know that, knowledge is not embedded in one person’s head. A child of six or even less could speak some words of wisdom to you which surely and obviously will come from God. Know also that, even though a child may not be able to see and know the issues of life standing on top of a mountain comparing to an adult who would know sitting down, God can give you wise counsels through that young pastor you so much disrespect and dislike and it could save you. Just listen and be a little more patient. Don’t undermine people else, you’ll regret it and cannot even get close to them later in life when they surpass you. Let us therefore be watchful because life is so full of surprises. The next minute you could be on top of the world and the next, you could be down below and will need people to support you. Just be watchful.